March 2, 2015

Practice Areas


Looking for an attorney in the San Antonio area? Our firm can help you protect your rights while sorting out the details, and we also offer the personal attention that your situation calls for. Our practice was established in 2015, and we can offer the counsel that you need.

The Foley Law Firm is here to represent your interests as you go through the uncomfortable events life throws your way. We take pride in offering law advice to families from San Antonio and the surrounding communities. Give our office a call today to ask an attorney for some perspective regarding your current legal situation.


The Foley Law Firm, PLLC attempts to fill the void of what is missing in San Antonio law: communication and availability. Certain areas of law tend to be uncontested including Business Law, Estate Planning, and some aspects of Family Law. The attorney at the Foley Law Office will strive to timely complete the required document(s) with a price point that is more affordable than the vast majority of San Antonio attorneys. For more information on each area of law, please clickAttorney - San Antonio Skyline any of the links below:

Business Law 

Estate Planning

Family Law


Should you be involved in a situation that may call for the help of a lawyer, you can turn to the Foley Law Firm for advice. We’ll explain what your rights are, how the legal system works, and how you can defend your interests. Our practice provides counsel to folks who reside in San Antonio and neighboring communities.


  • Business law issues
  • Estate planning efforts
  • The probate process

We also offer $100 off any estate planning package for clients who are new to us. You will also benefit from a free initial consultation.

The Foley Law Firm is a family run practice. We are located in San Antonio, TX. If you hire us, you can rest assured that your case will get the personal attention that it requires. You can meet with us during our business hours Monday – Thursday, 9am – 6pm and Fridays from 9am – 5pm or Saturday, by appointment. Protecting your rights is an important job, and it’s wise to ask a lawyer to assist you. Contact us and learn more about the services our practice offers.

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